Referees’ instructions

  1. Deadlines
  2. We always ask referees how long they need to referee an article. But we expect, in any case, that referees usually take no more than 6 weeks to give a verdict, to ensure a quick reply time to authrs.

  1. Format
  2. Referees are asked to fill in our report form, which is emailed to them together with the anonymised article.

  1. Content
  2. A referee is asked to indicate clearly whether acceptance (with no or minor revisions), conditional acceptance (with revisions), rejection with possible resubmission or rejection is recommended. if revision is recommended, we will usually ask the same referee to review the revised version. (In this case, a copy of the manuscript should be retained.) In the case of a paper longer than 8000 words of main text including bibliography (or a Discussion Note longer than 3500), referees should bear in mind that the shrtened are always very useful. It greatly assists the Editors in coming to a decisin if referees provide sufficient commentary so that the basis of their judgment, rather than just the verdict itself, is clear. This also is vital information for authors.
    Referees should also bear in mind that Disputatio makes available as much of their reports as possible to the author(s). They should adopt a judicious tone in their assessment, but if a paper is poor quality the report must indicate this.

  1. Critteria
  2. A paper accepted for publication in Disputatio should display in a high degree the usual academic virtues argument, organization, originality, scholarship, significance. But it is also desirable that submissions are enjoyable to read, and that they might interest someone who does not already have detailed knowledge of its subject matter.