Special Issues Proposals

Special Issues

    Special Issues

    Disputatio welcomes the submission of proposals by guest editors to edit special issues (SIs) dedicated to particular topics or authors.


    As a minimum, the proposal should include:

    1. A motivation for the SI;

    2. A list of prospective contributors and extended abstracts, giving a good idea of the main lines of

    3. A tentative time-line.

    If the proposal is accepted, the guest editors commit to writing an introduction to the SI which
    explains its raison d’être and provides the required background for the general reader.

    Evaluation Process

    The evaluation process of individual papers should follow Disputatio’s general refereeing and
    assessing policies (see The Editorial Procedures above, Editorial Policy and Guideline for Reviewers), but will be run entirely by the guest
    editors. The editors-in-chief nevertheless have the last word on each paper and on the SI as a whole
    (and, to that purpose, reserve the right to inspect referees’ reports whenever deemed necessary).